Property Management - Self Hosting Resources

Below you'll find links to software and services that we use to automate our short-term rental (STR) business, which people always seem to ask us about.



Online Bookings, Web Site Hosting, Guest
Communications, and so much more!

Owner Reservations, or OwnerRez for short, is the premier Property Management Software (PMS) for Short Term Rentals. We've
been using them as our PMS and channel manager since the beginning of 2018. OwnerRez is THE piece of the puzzle that automates 80% of our STR business. They integrate with VRBO and AirBNB, as well as many other Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). All of our guest messaging is automated, and we also use their PM features for managing properties owned by others, scheduling bookings with front desks and turnovers with housekeeping staff.

An Online Mailbox, Anytime, Anywhere
Receive your snail mail on your phone!

Anytime Mailbox will make sure you don't miss any important snail mail, and that you're not bothered by junk mail piling up on your desk. We use an online Post Office box for our business/tax filings, utilities, deeds, etc. When mail arrives, they will notify us and take a photo of the correspondence that we can view from our PC or phones. From there, we choose to scan and display the contents, recycle or shred, or have it forwarded to our physical address. Fees for these services are minimal, and it's especially great for simply recycling all the junk mail that a business owner receives.

Short-Term Rental Insurance



Proper Insurance is the way to go for insuring short-term rentals. Only Proper and CBIZ will truly protect STR owners/hosts. And Proper does one thing that CBIZ doesn't, they will cover you in the event someone imbibes too much at your property and decides to sue after being careless.Their policy replaces your HO6 or DP3 policy, it's not extra. And just like any carrier, they will give you a free quote. We no longer worry that someone might sue me because they were bitten by a dog staying at our properties, even if the guest was walking the dog at a nearby park.

In case you were wondering, these are affiliate or referral links, but we're not just trying to make a buck here. For instance, the site you are viewing right now is hosted by OwnerRez.
These are all services that we use every day, and each one of them makes our lives a heck of a lot easier, or we wouldn't bother with them.

Every day there are new services available for STRs, and setup can take a few hours with most of them. Our time is too valuable to bother with new services that aren't saving time, money, or helping us sleep at night. Plus, if you decide to use any of them, you'll get the same credit when you refer someone later, which we're sure you will.