About Us

Garry and Mindy, hiking Grey's Peak, one of Colorado's 14ers

I’m Garry, owner and manager of Sasquatch Vacations rental properties. I grew up in Philadelphia and then moved to the Pocono Mountains in my teenage years, where I fell in love with Winter Sports. In 1991 I began working as a snowboard instructor at Seven Springs resort on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Eventually I decided that just wasn’t far enough west, and crossed the plains in search of larger mountains. I landed upon Denver, as well as the realization that there aren’t many places better to live than Colorado.

My wife Mindy is a native to Colorado, born and raised in Wheat Ridge, a small suburb of Denver. Her love of this beautiful state has kept her here her whole life, with no desire to live anywhere else. She loves being outside, preferring summer activities to winter ones, although she’s working on honing her skiing skills so that she can keep up with me on the slopes.

We have 3 beautiful kids that keep us busy. When we have downtime, we try to spend it enjoying this amazing state that we live in, exploring national parks, hiking trails, and seeking out new hidden treasures. That’s part of what led us to the Fraser Valley, high up in the Rocky Mountains. We wanted a peaceful place to spend time with our kids, and also find new areas to explore.

We’re always looking for new rental properties from which to launch our family adventures. We hope that you’ll enjoy staying in our Sasquatch Vacations locations as much as we do.